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Philosophy of Our Teams

We love this sport and hope to instill that love into each of our players. We hope to see each player grow in skill and character as the season progresses. At the beginning of the club season, we place athletes on the team we feel can best advance their personal goals based on skills and player wishes(many players do not wish to travel). However, we often see players improve dramatically through a single season.

Age Brackets

13 year olds and Under
For our 13 and Under teams, our focus is Basics and introducing athletes to the sport. Players on these teams will be encouraged to master the fundamentals of passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, as well as defense and serve receive. Basic conditioning will also be focused on minimizing injury and preparing the athletes for competition. Skill building is done through explicit volleyball skill instruction, drills, and repetition which progresses throughout the season.

14 and 15 year olds
Our 14 and 15 teams are expected to know basics and we begin to really focus on specific positions, volleyball strategy, setting up plays, and thinking ahead during competition. At this point, athletes should be able to control the ball and generate several rallies, as well as run offensive and defensive plays. These teams also focus on speed, quickness, vertical jump, and the perfection of skills.

16 year olds
In our 16 teams, we begin to build leadership and player teamwork skills. We will work with the athletes to help them grow in their specific position and become the best player they can be. As techniques become more refined, we work on repetition to ensure these skills are an unconscious reaction, allowing players to pay attention to the mental aspects of the game.

17 and 18 year olds
These teams help players begin to prepare for the collegiate level of competitive play. Many of the athletes on these teams have college aspirations and we work on and off the court to help them realize these dreams. In addition to perfecting techniques and leadership skills, we help players put together recruiting packages, recruiting videos, and scouting trips.

Teams within an Age Bracket

Red & Pink Teams / Black & Grey & Silver Teams / White Team

The Red & Pink Teams are usually the most experienced teams the organization fills for their age bracket. Some clubs call these “power teams” who will play in higher divisions in tournaments. These teams travel to all the major tournaments, which might include Atlanta, St. Louis, Indianapolis, or Louisville. These teams will practice 3 times a week and will carry around 10-12 players. 

The Black, Grey, & Silver Teams are often the face of MVA to the mid-south region and other teams from our area. They will be expected to play in tournaments from Jackson, to Little Rock, from Birmingham to Nashville. These teams normally carry up to ten  athletes. Note: Some tournaments call these “Club Teams” who will play in the “Club or Classic Division” category. 

The White Team represents MVA in all the local tournaments, and will not usually travel more than fifty miles to attend. This limited range means most players/families will not have an overnight stay for a tournament and will be able to return home each evening when the games are over. This allows athletes to play with MVA even though they may have other outside responsibilities which require them to stay within the immediate area, including other sports/school activities, etc. Note: This team will typically play in the “Club & Classic Division” at tournaments.

Training Teams. In some cases, we have formed a training team which allows players to practice and learn from our excellent coaching staff and enjoy the camaraderie of the competitive club, without the tournament requirements.

How many practices are there a week and at what times?
Depending on which team you are placed, you will practice either twice or three times a week.  If your team practices twice you will practice once during the week and once on the weekend when you do not have a tournament.  If you practice three times a week you will practice twice during the week and once on the weekend when you do not have a tournament.  Practice days and times will not be determined until after tryouts are over and teams are formed.  The practice times for weekdays will likely be 5PM-7PM or 7PM-9PM. We usually have our older teams do the 7PM-9PM shift.

What are the cost?

Cost will run anywhere between $1,600 - $4,000 a season, depending on what team you play on.  Payments can be paid among 4 installments throughout the season.  NOTE for travel team players: hotel, food, and travel cost are not included in the base fees.